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Dedicated Senior Living and Support Services in Redditch

Discover dedicated senior living and support services at St Martins Care Home in Redditch. Providing specialized care for adults over 65, including sensory impairments, dementia, physical disabilities, and more. Your loved ones' well-being is our priority.

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About Us

Caring for Seniors Compassionately

Caring for seniors compassionately at St Martins Care Home. Our dedicated team provides specialized support, creating a nurturing environment for older adults. Trust us to enhance their well-being with dignity and respect.

Our Values

Our Core Guiding Principles

Compassionate Care

Providing heartfelt and individualized support.

Dignity and Respect

Upholding each resident's uniqueness and worth.

Holistic Well-being

Fostering physical, emotional, and social health.

Collaborative Community

Engaging residents, families, and staff as one.

Continuous Improvement

Striving for excellence through learning and growth.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

Ensuring security, comfort, and a sense of home.

Personal Care

Individualized Attention: Personal Care Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

Autism Care

Nurturing Individuals: Compassionate Autism Care with Understanding and Support.

Respite care

Relieving Families with Compassionate Respite Care Services.

Our services

Our Comprehensive Senior Care Services

Comprehensive care for seniors, tailored to individual needs, ensuring comfort, health, and a vibrant community.

Complex Care

Advanced, Specialized Care with Compassion and Expertise for Complex Needs.

Supported Living

Empowering Independence Through Personalized and Compassionate Supported Living Services.

Dementia Care

Nurturing Dignity: Compassionate Care for Individuals Living with Dementia.